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Legal Service Regulation Bill

The new Legal Services Regulation Bill is back before the Dail in the final week of June. There has been considerable progress between the Department of Justice and the Law Society. The Government plan is to have the report stage of the bill taken and completed by the final week in June. and then returned […]

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New Examinership process for SME’s

Examinership is a process that allows a struggling business which has a prospect of survival, to avail of Court protection so that it has an opportunity to restructure its debts and thus give it a better prospect for recovery. Until now this process could only be conducted through the High Court and therefore it was […]

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New Monetary Jurisdictions for Courts in 2014

As and from 3rd February 2014 the new monetary jurisdictions will be as follows:  –     the jurisdiction of the District Court in civil proceedings will increase from €6,384 to €15,000. –     the jurisdiction of the Circuit Court in civil proceedings will increase from €38,092 to €75,000, except in personal injuries cases where a reduced increase […]

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Title Documents & Will Storage

We have a purpose built strong room for the safe storage of title documents. We provide safe custody facilities for clients free of charge who wish to store title deeds to their property in our strongroom. The documents are logged in our electronic registry and ready for inspection or collection at any time. In addition, […]

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Budget 2012 Approaches

Budget day has been confirmed as December 6th 2011. It is firmly believed that the rate of both Capital Gains Tax (“CGT”) and Capital Acquisitions Tax (“CAT”) will be increased in Budget 2012, perhaps to as much as 35% from the existing rate of 25%. Many commentators believe that ultimately these taxes may even reach 40% […]

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New Law for Owner Management Companies

The Multi-Unit Development Act, 2011 has made sweeping changes to the law relating to management companies within apartment and multi-unit developments. The primary aim of the Act is to ensure that common areas within multi-unit development are handed over to the owners management company in a timely manner. Such management companies are made up of […]

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House Repossessions Halted?

Ms. Justice Dunne’s recent High Court Judgement has effectively halted cases taken by lending institutes for repossession of mortgaged properties. The legal lacuna that was found to exist due to the repeal of 62(7) of the Registration of Title Act, 1964 means that banks are prevented from relying on this particular piece of legislation in their repossession claims. While  Chapter 3 […]

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Increase in State Pension Age

The Social Welfare and Pensions Act, 2011 makes changes that impact on the existing State pension provisions. In particular, for new claimants the State pension (transition)  will be discontinued with effect from 1st January, 2014.  As a result there will be a standard State pension age of 66 years for everyone from 1st January, 2014. The […]

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  In August 2010 DePuy announced a recall of the ASR hip replacement systems. This arose as a result of a variety of complications arising with the units post hip replacement. It is our view and recommendation that prior to or indeed following such recall (and further surgery where recommended) patients should as soon as possible […]

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